In springtime, a new show will be launched. By the side of the creator and stage director Franco Dragone the Lido will surpass the limits of cabaret.

Across the emblematic places of the city of light, the different parts of the show succeed each other at a frantic pace. The costumes created especially by “haute couture” craftsmen, technical and artistic innovations, lifesize sets and sophisticated choreographies led by the Bluebell Girls open the doors of unknown imagination.

Between dream and reality, the magic works, promise of an unforgettable celebration.

And all at once, at the end of the 19th century, you’re rebelling against the effects of industrialisation. It’s a reinvention. In this tableau, we welcome imagination, architectural genius, rhythm and colour! The sumptuous central stairway unwinds to allow dancers, dressed in majestic feathered costumes, to descend. Leaving a place for the leader, they line up on stage in a single movement. It’s a guard of honour for Art Nouveau, clearly showing the return of the curve.


To become a dancer at the Lido is a dream for many artistes …
Discover exclusively our superb slides of Dragone Entertainment Group during the first session of auditions in May 2014.

From its 324 m. height, the tower stands like a queen above its city. This grandiose tableau is designed as a true declaration, addressed to the symbol of the French capital. Raising his eyes, the spectator finally sees it appear: dazzling, rising in a shower of blue and silver fireworks. A truly beautiful way of dressing our Iron Lady.


For its next show, the Lido gives pride of place to its famous colour: blue.  A mysterious blue, both dark and sparkling, which hints at its creation without revealing it. A blue like a sketch, an invitation to Parisian joie de vivre. And especially, a blue which reminds us that on the most beautiful avenue in the world, night takes pride of place.