You and Me, incredible acrobats at the Lido de Paris Beauty and strength are put together in one amazing duo in the cabaret show « Paris Merveilles »: Iuliia Palii and Igor Gavva form You and Me, a couple of acrobats like you have never seen before. They offer a bold and enchanting performance on the stage of the Lido de Paris.

The two artists met when they were teenagers. She graduated from ballet school, he had training and experience in circus arts. They fell in love and decided to move on with their career together as acrobats and formed You and Me in 2009.

Their talent was rapidly recognized: in 2010 they were awarded a silver medal at the Festival du Cirque de demain in Paris. Since then, they have performed all over the world. They currently perform every night at the Lido de Paris cabaret, mesmerizing the audience with their energy and their grace.

Balanced and agile, the two acrobats take turns carrying each other. Through their figures and their complicity, Igor and Iuliia invite the spectators into a poetic and surprising universe.

Discover You and Me in « Paris Merveilles » !

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You and Me